Our Story

M2M Community Foundation is a 501c3. Nile Valley Aquaponics 100,000 Pound Food Project is a project under M2M Community Foundation. Nile Valley Aquaponics 100,000 Pound Food Project is to produce 100,000 Pounds of local fresh fish and vegetables to create healthier choices, health education, volunteer opportunities and economic stability in the urban core. 
Nile Valley Aquaponics project started construction in Oct. 2015 on 29th and Wabash in Kansas City Missouri on two vacant lots donated by long time residents and community leaders Harrel Sr. And Myrtle Johnson. Three other conjoining vacant lots added and purchased from Land Bank of the City of Kansas City Mo. Nile Valley Aquponics was able to take distressed vacant lots and turn it into a urban oasis, which has been well received by its community, neighbors, and the City of Kansas City Mo. 

Dre Taylor has been urban and aquaponic farming for over 10 years in Kansas City, Mo. "Growing Your Community Food System" certification from Growing Power inc in 2011 led by Will Allen, one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in world.


Dre is the founding member of the mentorship Males to Men. Males to Men was established in 2013. Males to Men Mission is to raise strong, conscious, productive young men and re-establish accountable, responsible leadership in the community. There are more than 30 young men currently in the program, ranging in ages 7-17. Since starting in 2013 Males to Men has created partnerships with the University of Lincoln Missouri, Pinnacle Career Institute and the Black Pilot Association

Dre Taylor is also the founder of The KC Urban Farm Coop where they will plant 200 fruit trees in the Swope Park, one of the largest parks in the country where millions of visitors visit each year.